Storage and Aging Wine

In the prior paragraph I indicated that a bottle with too much ullage is one that was probably subject to too many rapid temperature changes, which in turn could act to prematurely age or spoil the wine. The proper storage of your wine bottles is as important to long term aging as any of the other aspects that can influence how a bottle ages. Wine intended for aging should be stored under the following conditions:

  • The temperature should be between 52° and 55° F.
  • The temperature should be constant without fluctuation.
  • The storage area should be dark and free from sunlight.
  • The storage area should be free of vibration.
  • The humidity should be between 50% and 70%.
  • Bottles should be stored on their sides, or so the corks can remain damp.

It is important to indicate that most inexpensive wine made today for general consumption is ready for drinking and will probably only benefit from modest aging. Even the best conditions will only marginally affect these wines. So before you spend thousands to build the ultimate wine vault, make sure the wines you’re protecting are worth the investment.

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