• Barbaresco

    Piedmont, or Piemonte in Italian is a one of the top three wine producing regions in Italy. Top three, including Tuscany and the Veneto… This evening I dipped into the cellar and pulled a 1997 Stefano Farina Barbaresco to have with dinner. The wine was magnificent, showing all kinds of complexity on the nose and… Read More

  • The Manhattan

    Ah… Friday evening after one heck of a week (again)… A friend asked for a remembrance of one of the six classic cocktails (at least according to cocktail bon vivant David A. Embury), so here goes… The Manhattan is a classic cocktail in that it conforms to a basic cocktail formula – base ingredient (spirit);… Read More

  • The Blackthorn Cocktail

    If April is the cruelest month, according to Eliot, what are September and October? Shoulder season… With the end of summer, comes the inevitable slide into another New England winter, but I’m not giving in to darker spirits quite yet. However, the crisp daiquiris, gimlets and sidecars need a bit more weight… Welcome the Blackthorn… Read More

  • Welcome to the Musings on the Vine blog!

    After eight years hosting content at, it seemed like a good idea to get into blogging. The Musings site will continue to exist as a resource, with our database and archives of content remaining intact, but our blog here at WordPress will be a more real time delivery mechanism for hot wines, killer cocktails… Read More

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