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Visiting Wineries - Connecticut

Visiting WineriesChamard Vineyards (
115 Cow Hill Rd., Clinton, CT 06413
Phone: (860) 664-0299

A lovely property overlooking Long Island Sound. Very picturesque. We were greeted by Jeff Samperisi, the Retail Room Manager, a friendly and courteous host. The tasting area is in a very comfortable setting and the staff is very helpful, making you feel right at home. Chamard has about 40 acres of property, of which about 20 acres produce traditional vinifera varieties. The winery also sources from across the Sound in Long Island. Definitely worth a visit!

Jonathan Edwards Winery (
74 Chester Maine Rd., North Stonington, CT 06359
Phone: (860) 535-0202

A lovely place to visit surrounded by beautiful rural countryside. Magnificent wines, although right now, only their Chardonnay is made from grapes grown on the property. All of the other wines are made from grapes grown on various properties in Napa Valley, primarily due to the fact that the adjoining vineyards are still maturing. Our host, Suzin Webb was wonderful, being very friendly, helpful and quite knowledgeable. Definitely worth a visit.

Stonington Vineyards (
523 Taugwonk Rd., Stonington, CT 06378
Phone: (860) 535-1222

Scenic and serene. Very nice wines, served by a personable, friendly staff. On our visit, we were entertained by Robert Powell, a very helpful and knowledgeable member of Jeannie Cronan’s Tasting Room staff. Robert blended the right amount of technical information with a quirky, sarcastic wit. Well worth a trip.

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