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Paul J. Malagrifa, CSW, CWE, CSS
Certified Specialist of Wine
Certified Wine Educator
Certified Specialist of Spirits
Certified Spanish Wine Educator

Paul Malagrifa is a Certified Wine Educator* who has been avidly pursuing his passion for wine for the last 20+ years. In the 1980s, Paul began making his own wine from grapes grown in the Finger Lakes region of New York. This hobby in turn spurred Paul to begin collecting and studying the wine making of others.

In the 1990s, Paul was a member in a local Massachusetts Master of Wine tasting group, and was featured on TV's Chronicle. Paul's love of wine is infectious and his favorite pastime is sharing his experience and knowledge of wine with others.

Paul is the host of Musings on the Vine, a wine appreciation web site that was conceived with a few very simple goals. First, to share his passion and excitement of wine with others stimulating and promoting greater interest and appreciation in wine. Second, to strip away the mysteries surrounding the appreciation of wine, making wine tasting, wine buying and wine collecting fun and unassuming. And third, to provide a resource for those people who don't necessarily want to become a Master Sommelier, but instead just want to be able to buy a decent wine to drink with dinner tonight.

Paul writes, teaches and lectures frequently on the topic of wine appreciation, and conducts regular wine education classes and seminars in the greater-Boston area. He is currently considering enrolling in the Master of Wine Institute’s MW program.

What is a Certified Wine Educator?

* The Certified Wine Educator accreditation is bestowed by the Society of Wine Educators (SWE), headquartered in Washington, D.C. The SWE exists to promote accurate and professional wine education and to support those who provide that education by:

  • Helping wine educators gain and maintain current and reliable information and resources for conducting wine education
  • Providing a neutral ground for all wine professionals to meet and exchange information
  • Providing professional development standards for the industry, and setting ethical, professional and certification standards for wine education

The Society of Wine Educators is the hub of the vast network of wine learning that encompasses everyone who writes, reads, or talks about wine, and those who produce, sell, or drink wine. Membership in the Society is open to individuals and organizations all over the world who share in the Society's dedication to wine knowledge and learning. The Society of Wine Educators is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to furthering knowledge of wine among wine educators, consumers, and all levels of the wine trade. Since its formation in 1977, SWE has supported the efforts of those who teach about wine in structured educational programs or who otherwise seek to spread knowledge of wine.

Through the Society, our members spread their knowledge and enthusiasm for wine to tens of thousands of wine drinkers around the world. We learn from each other. SWE members encourage high levels of wine knowledge among wine professionals, and a strong appreciation of wine among people in all walks of life.

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